Reus City Council has commissioned the environmental consultancy 4sfera Innova (4sfera) to carry out a study to assess air quality in the municipality of Reus. NO2 concentrations were measured by passive dosimeters over a 4-week period (10/20/2021 to 11/17/2021).

The measurement points will be located in areas with more influence of traffic and in areas with less influence (background), in order to have a representative image of the whole city and be able to achieve a plan of NO2 concentrations. Traffic points are those that are located less than 10 meters from a road where motor vehicles travel. Urban background points are those located more than 25 meters from a road where motorized vehicles travel (they can be parks, squares, green areas or pedestrian streets). The following map shows the 25 points distributed in different areas of the city, they are indicative and preliminary points, as the final points will be decided in situ throughout their placement.

Passive dosimeters are considered an indicative method, so the data obtained are not reference but have a quality assurance that allows the results to be compared with the reference legislation. In the case of NO2, the reference legislation (Directive 2008/50 / EC) states that the annual average may not exceed 40 µg / m3.

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