The new air quality web portal of the Government of Andorra is published, developed by 4sfera. This website has been improved to modernize its appearance, maintaining the corporate design of the Government of Andorra. 4sfera has taken advantage of the development to update the portal’s IT infrastructure.

The main objective of the web portal is to provide correct information on air quality in Andorra in accordance with the legally established requirements. The homepage summarizes key air quality information with maps, graphs, widgets, and alerts. At the beginning, the user easily and comprehensibly obtains real-time air quality in Andorra. Also included are access to episode or thermal reversal alerts.

The new web portal has also upgraded the graphics to give more accessibility to recent air quality data. In this link you can access the recent values ​​of the fixed station of Escaldes-Engordany.

The data illustrated on the portal are sent on an hourly basis to the European Environment Agency (EEA) in accordance with Decision 2011/850 / EU on the electronic exchange of data on air quality in European countries. and the EEA. Real-time data from Europe, including Andorrans, can be found on the EEA portal: European Air Quality Index.