The WHO organizes the Bonn School on Environment and Health 2021 (between 09-11-2021 and 02-12-2021). This is a transformative initiative for leadership by facilitating interdisciplinary and sectoral learning among professionals in the fields of environment and health. The school consists of 3 pillars that includes:

  • I. conferences,
  • II. group work and leadership and
  • III. an educational community for training and education.

The school offered 4 different thematic courses. Each course had a personalized program of technical lectures and group work. During the group work, participants addressed an EHC related to the course topic through problem-based learning (PBL). This year’s thematic courses were:

  1. Air Quality and Health
  2. Climate Change and Health
  3. Polluted places, their redevelopment and health
  4. Health and environment research agenda

4sfera experts assisted in the development of the course on “Air Quality and Health” in the role of “Facilitator”. To support the nature of the ABP approach in school, we supported group work, as a facilitator. The facilitator had three main goals:

  • promote a deep commitment
  • support shared regulation and self-directed learning 
  • fostering group productive dynamics

During the group work we helped to focus the group work through multiple strategies.