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Studies using passive samplers

4sfera is a consultancy expert in the use and implementation of passive sampling networks to measure air quality. 4sfera has great experience in creating and managing studies with NO2 and BTEX passive samplers throughout Europe to support automatic networks belonging to government networks as municipalities and governments.

4sfera is an active member of CEN/TC 264/Working Group 11 on Ambient air quality - Diffusive samplers for the determination of gases and vapours - Requirements and test methods. In recent years, the group has been working on drafting the harmonise standard for NO2 passive sampling at European level (Review of the application of diffusive samplers in the Europea Union for monitoring of nitrogen dioxide in ambient air). Currently, 4sfera is helping in the compilation and writing of a standard for measurement of NH3 with passive samplers.

During 2008-2009, Jaume Targa was the senior editor of British standard to measure NO2 with passive samplers established in the UK.

During his tenure at AEA,, Jaume Targa worked very actively with the British Department of Environment (DEFRA) in the management of the British NO2 Diffusion Tube Network. Specific tasks were related to managing data flows and performing quality control of on the results and the different operating laboratories.

In 2005, Jaume Targa designed and established a network with passive sampler to measure NO2 and BTEX in Gibraltar. This was later expanded in 2007. This network was managed with AEA for the Gibraltar Environmental Agency as well as other non-automatic networks to measure gravimetric particulate matter, PAHs etc.... Data from these networks is available at this link.

In 2008, a Project for the Generalitat of Catalonia was lead together with IDAEA-CSIC to monitor NO2 with passive samplers in the city of Barcelona. Two extensive campaigns were conducted in over 100 locations of the city covering both urban background and intense traffic sites.

Similar studies with NO2 samplers have been carried out in other cities such as:

    • Girona
    • Badalona
    • Palma de Mallorca
    • Ibiza
    • Bilbao
    • Municipalities in the Bajo Nervión (Basque Country) as Getxo, Erandio, Barakaldo...