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Climate Change
Global Observatory - ESA

4sfera worked for the European Space Agency (ESA) in the research, interpretation and promotion of satellite data and images related to climate change, pollution and natural disasters.

Since 2010, images of Earth Observations from ESA and NASA have been interpreted and distributed to illustrate different events.

Examples of these are:

  • Summary of natural disasters in 2010 linked to the Climate Change Conference in Cancun.
  • Snowfall in the UK (Winter 2010-2011).
  • Illustration of forest fire in Sant Joan (Ibiza) - May 2010.
  • Images of astronaut Paolo NĂ©spolo the "Supermoon", Etna volcano erupting and Barcelona at night.
  • Images of fog over the coastal and inlands areas of Catalonia in 2011.

Some of these images were shown on the TV program Espai Terra and/or el Temps on Catalan TV. Clips of these can be viewed by clicking on the link or in the different examples of 4sfera youtube channel.

IHOBE - Eco-Innovative projects

During 2008 and 2009, Jaume Targa participated in two projects awarded by IHOBE as part of the annual call for eco-innovative projects. These projects were conducted by AEA, with adaptation strategies and mitigation of climate change for businesses and municipalities in the Basque Country.


The two eco-innovative projects are:

  • Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Basque Country

    The project, implemented in collaboration with AEA, a British consultancy, and the Catalan-Basque Minuartia Enea, had as its main objective the development of a regional strategy for adaptation to climate change in the Basque Country. This included a collection of European best practice in relation to climate change adaptation and a pilot study in two Basque towns of the methodology for the development of local plans for climate change adaptation for municipalities in the Basque Country.

  • Methodologies and resources to implement innovative strategies to mitigate climate change in the Basque companies.

    Executed in collaboration with a consortium of the British companies BestFootForward and AEA and Catalan-Basque Minuartia Enea. Include the adaptation of a computer program to calculate the carbon footprint for companies and pilot implementation in Basque companies.