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Communication of environmental information


A very important part of the work related to the environment is the dissemination of information both technical and general public.

web portals

In this aspect 4sfera has created and manages the websites of the Government of Aragon and the Government of Andorra for the dissemination of air quality data.

In the two portals is available real-time data reporting current levels, historical data and information from monitoring networks of the respective governments.

Aragon Aire

Social Networks

Taking advantage of the new channels of communication through social networks, 4sfera created for the Government of Andorra channels to disseminate air quality information via Facebook and Twitter.

For more information see the section on Social Networks.


4sfera, jointly with the Government of Andorra, has developed a new section on www.aire.ad to inform the public about pollen in the area.


4sfera also works with the European Environment Agency in the task of disseminating information of the state of air quality in Europe.

For more information on the collaboration of 4sfera and the EEA click here.