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Specialised consultancy optimising
the technical knowedge of environmental
to provide real solutions

Assessment and analysis of environmental data

Specialised in the analysis and interpretation of environmental data, 4sfera applies different techniques to deepen environmental knowledge. Making use of proprietary and external modeling tools and other sources of information, local, regional and/or European assessments are carried out.

Comparison of annual average nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in traffic oriented stations in major European cities in 2008.

Made from Airbase validated data - EEA

Detailed analysis

Pollution assessment.

Variation of NO2 levels with wind direction and time of day

PM2.5 levels with wind direction and wind speed

More detailed analysis of the variations of different pollutants on hourly, daily and weekly patterns.

Passive dosimeters can be used to complement and deepen the data of automatic or manual stations. For more information, click on our experience here.